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Dragonfly Chi


Inspired Energy Healing, Tai Chi & Practical Spiritual Tools By-The-Sea

"I’m a certified Crystal Healer and 8th Generation Reiki Master Teacher based in Brighton, on the South East Coast of England. My philosophy is all about empowering the most abundant version of you to positively thrive. It’s about giving yourself permission to flourish, bloom and grow, not just merely survive.

I began using energy work in my own life to create greater abundance, flow and joyfully experience longed-for dreams. I discovered that crystal clear intention plus deliberate action is exceptionally powerful!

By awakening the heart and letting it lead we ignite passion and zest for life. My mission is igniting you to become expert in your own joy, express who you are at your deepest core and above all, stretch out your arms to full possibility.   

My manifesto is also one of soulful self-care.

As a natural, life-long sensitive person (or empath), it took time to wake up to owning and taking responsibility for my own energetic nurturance. 

I now help women develop bespoke, soulful self-care practices to feel infinitely more poised, balanced and calm. These daily acts of self-love amp up your energy, and with this foundation can empower you to create stunning results in your life.  

What matters most is honouring who we are by deeply recalibrating and tending to our energy - because when we do, we thrive, it's that simple."






Ready to elevate your life?

A Thrive session combines nourishing elements of your choosing. Deeply calm and relax with Reiki; balance and restore energy levels. During a session we dig deeper to uncover the real patterns underlying energy imbalance. Each session is a unique potent healing cocktail of possibility.  £45 1 hour, Hove, East Sussex. Choose from Reiki healing, Tai Chi, or both - depending on what speaks to your soul.

Want to go deeper?

Learn Tai Chi and learn a daily practice which supports you to thrive! Empower yourself to become who you always wanted to be. Raise your 'energetic game' & up-level your energy. Above all, stretch out your arms to full possibility.

Not sure what to start with?

Tell us more about yourself using the contact form, and we'll be in touch shortly!





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Become your own crystal healer

Powerful Crystals And Stones Supporting You To Thrive

  • 3-stone crystal kits include a notelet introducing healing properties of each stone
  • Each crystal is personally Reiki charged and intentioned just for you, by me!
  • Hand-picked stones are purposely combined for their potent healing properties
  • Combinations support, energise and empower a desired area of growth